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Deaf. Sick. Dying.

At twenty years old, three words summed the totality of my identity in that order until an eleventh hour miracle added another—hopeful.

Fast forward five years, with one foot in front of the other, I lived each day grateful for the donor who’d saved my life. However, coming face to face with his grief-stricken brother on the anniversary of his passing reminded me that second chances at life rarely came without cost.

Stoic, hardened, Jon Carletti was my opposite in every respect and his message was clear—I wasn’t welcome.

Until we found that Abel’s grave had been dug up. The body was missing. And aside from an anonymous tip bearing damning accusations, no one knew anything.

A broke graduate student with more medical bills than sense, all I had to my name was the heart of a SEAL and his taciturn older brother. But that was also how I knew for certain someone was lying about what had really happened to him.

Now, and maybe even back then.


My whole life, I’d always been the weird girl.

As a former foster care kid, I was no stranger to whispers. Or the ways the world outcasted its loneliest members of society. So I packed everything I owned into a backpack the day I turned eighteen, walked into a recruiting office, and promised myself that it was the start of a new life. Fast forward nine years, and I'd found a home and a career I loved.

But in a headquarters full of tactical pants and shoulder holsters, I was still the girl with hip length pigtails, who sucked blue raspberry lollipops. The one who wore dresses seven days a week, most of them some variation of pink. So when the founder and CEO of FieldX handed me a document and told me to take it upstairs to linguistics, I froze.

Former Gunnery Sergeant and resident translator, Abraham Lawton, was known for unspeakable things. Let the agents tell it, he'd killed more than some of the most prolific serial murderers known to man. But as an assistant, I knew even more than they did. This wasn't a man you spoke to. He was one you avoided at all costs if you valued your life.

My boss had the sickest sense of humor...


No one can ever find out what I know.

What I saw.

Two months ago, I was a diner girl not even the regulars paid attention to. Now I'm a witness.

Everyone wants something from me.

The feds want me for questioning, murderers want me dead. Even the universe must have it out for me, because I've just walked straight into the trap of a man who's not even the lesser of two evils. My options are trust him or freeze to death.

He claims he won't hurt me, but after twenty four hours in his presence, I'm not sure it's the physical I'm worried about.

My name is Careful and I've lived up to it my entire life. But now, I have to take a risk.

Because a man in the mountains with more secrets than scars has a gun to my head and I have thirty seconds to tell him everything.

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